Getting A Cat If You Have Allergies

Getting A Cat If You Have Allergies
If you know you have an allergy to cats, owning one can sometimes be a hard thing. If you just have to have a feline around, here are a few things that you should consider in case you want to try according to Franny Syufy of

Drapery and floors
There a few main culprits of holding pet dander in your home. One is carpet and the other is curtains and drapes. It’s best to have hardwood floors if at all possible but if you don’t, vacuum regularly with a HEPA-approved filter attached. You should also replace your drapery with solid blinds.

Limited access
If you do have a cat that will give you allergies, keep it completely out of your bedroom. This will help eliminate the problem in one of the most important places of your home.

Something in the air
One of the best devices to stop pet dander in your home is a air purification device. You may want to consider buying one.

Choose wisely
If you don’t already own a cat but plan on getting one, select one that is a short-hair species. Also, for even more diligence, try to spend a little time with the cat before you adopt it to see how you react.  


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