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Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck and Potato Canned Dog Food

Natural Balance® Duck & Potato Canned Formula is a proven formula for dogs with allergies based on our unique protein and carbohydrate blend. No grains such as wheat, barley, rice, or corn.

Some dogs may be highly sensitive to commonly used proteins, carbohydrates and food additives in their diet. Allergic reactions can lead to irritable bowel, upset stomach, and a number of skin problems. Natural Balance® has created Duck & Potato Canned Formula for dogs with these food allergies. Our Duck & Potato Canned Formula combines fresh duck, a source of animal protein that most dogs have not been exposed to, and a potatoes, a carbohydrate source not commonly found in dog foods, along with effective natural ingredients to help rebuild the dog's immune system.

Natural Balance Duck & Potato Canned Formula is a complete and balanced diet for your dog, yet it has been formulated to complement our Potato & Duck Formula Dry Food, as well as Potato & Duck Treats, so dogs with allergies can now have a complete allergen-free diet. For growing puppies, the Canned Food can be mixed with Natural Balance® Potato & Duck Dry; a mixture that could ease the weaning process and stimulate appetite during this stressful time. For lactating bitches, a gradual increase in food intake is necessary starting around week 8 or 9 of pregnancy. Adding Natural Balance® Duck & Potato Canned Formula satisfies the increased caloric requirement. Also great for picky-eaters and can help kindle the appetite of the older dog.

All Natural Balance Pet Foods have been developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.