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HomeoPet Fireworks, 450 drops


Promotes temporary relief in cats, dogs and other pets from fear of fireworks, gunshots and other loud noises.


    Pacing and panting
    Attention seeking
    Trying to escape to safety


    No harsh chemicals
    No known side effects
    Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals
    Fast acting 15-20 minutes
    Great value up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
    Easy liquid dosing medicine
    Patent pending

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Aconite napellus, 10x & 200c

May aid those with phobia, sudden onset fear, anxiety, terror, panic often accompanied by restlessness wide eyes from shock.
Arsenicum album, 200c
(Arsenic trioxide)

May aid where clinging insecurity with great nervousness anxiousness restlessness constant desire for company begging for attention are present.
Avena sativa, 7x & 2c
(Oat Straw)

Supports in calming nervousness and anxiety without inducing sedation.
Belladonna, 30c
(Deadly Nightshade)

May assist in acutely sensitive individuals who start and have wide protruding eyes with dilated pupils often act manically trying to wildly escape and can even snap and scream with fear.
Borax, 6c & 30c
(Borate of Sodium)

May benefit individuals with great sensitivity to sudden noises like gunshots, fireworks, thunder, loud noises, sudden noises all produce great anxiety and Starting.
Calcarea phosphorica, 30c & 200c
(German Chamomile)

Like Phosphorus and salts containing it may benefit where there is a great sensitivity to all sudden external impressions including thunder Fireworks Gun shots.
Gelsemium 6c, 30c, 200c
(Yellow Jasmine)

Can Benefit individuals with much fear and anxiety even at the approach of a thunderstorm or similar noise like fireworks often with great trembling.
Hyoscyamus niger, 200c

May assist those with almost manic response to fear such as with fireworks sometimes looking like hysteria or convulsions wide eyed with dilated pupils.
Humulus Lupulus, 4x & 2c

May ease hypervigilance especially in those with starting from sleep as with fireworks and similar noises.
Lycopodium clavatum, 30c & 200c
(Club moss)

May aid those with anxiety during stormy weather with panic attacks such as can occur with fireworks and even with anticipation of such events.
Melissa officinalis, 4x & 2c
(Lemon Balm)

Supports those suffering from anxiety, nervousness and restlessness.
Natrum carbonicum, 30c & 200c
(Sodium Carbonate)

May benefit in those with extreme sensitivity such as to thunderstorms, fireworks, electrical changes with starting fear anxiety restlessness hiding.
Natrum muriaticum, 30c
(Sodium Chloride)

May benefit where there is anxiety and fear such as that fear of fireworks with starting from noise as with thunderstorms.
Nux Vomica, 200c
(Poison Nut)

May benefit individuals with great irritability and sensitivity to slightest noise which produces great fear and apprehension thus it may aid in fireworks, thunder, loud noises or any sudden noises at all.
Passiflora incarnata, 7x & 2c
(Passion Flower)

Supports the nervous system and may aid calming of hysteria and restlessness.
Phosphorus, 6c, 30c, 200c, 1M
(Red Phosphorus)

Can benefit individuals with tremendous sensitivity to all external impressions particularly sudden noise such as fireworks, thunderstorm lightening or similar event which causes great starting and fear with desire to flee.
Rhododendron chrysanthum, 6c
(Yellow Snow Rose)

May assist those with a dread of storms, especially thunderstorms and thus a fear of fireworks so intense is this that the anxiety starts before the event.
Scutellaria laterifolia, 7x & 2c

May ease nervous fear or excitement particularly with restlessness.
Silica terra, 30c
(Pure Flint)

May assist individuals with low self-confidence resulting in anxiety and anticipation resulting in starting from the slightest noise let alone fireworks, especially in the poorly developed timid yielding pet.
Staphysagria, 6c & 30c

May assist those who are morbidly sensitive goes from quiet and yielding to irritable and angry yet has a fear of fireworks most often with trembling.
Stramonium, 30c
(Jimson or Stink Weed)

May ease fear of fireworks accompanied by a frighten look dilated pupils and a desire to escape especially in those with a fear of the dark unless accompanied.
Valeriana officinalis, 7x & 2c

May calm those with nervous anxiety hysteria with restlessness all of which can be present in those with fear of fireworks.