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COVID19 In-Store Response: We are taking precautionary measures. Stores will undergo thorough cleaning throughout each day. Curbside Service is available. Contact Your Local Pet Station for additional information.

HomeoPet Feline Nose Relief, 15m.


*** This Product Is Only Available In Store! ***

Provide support for a healthy nasal and sinus tract in cats. Can aid with a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and congestion.


    Runny nose
    Watery eyes


    No harsh chemicals
    No known side effects
    Safe for kittens, pregnant and nursing cats
    Great value up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight)
    Easy liquid dosing medicine


Aconitum napellus, 200c

May aid with sneezing, with a stopped up dry nose possibly with a slight scanty watery discharge also in acute bleeding.
Allium cepa, 30c
(Red Onion)

May assist with streaming eyes and nose much as occurs with peeling an onion, the profuse watery drip also burns the skin of nose and upper lip.
Argentum nitricum, 6c
(Silver Nitrate)

May help with a very itchy nose often with a discharge of whitish pus and lots of blood as well as were there is violent itching.
Arsenicum album, 1M
(White Oxide of Arsenic)

May provide relief with Hay fever type symptoms often with thin discharge that burns skin along with sneezing without relief. Often a cold going to chest may benefit from this, as cab scabby nose, lupus type symptoms.
Arnica montana, 6c
(Leopard’s Bane)

May be indicated in bruising nosebleeds from injury as well as an ulcerated nose often nose cold and sore ulcerated nostrils post nasal drip.
Asafoetida, 30c
(Gum of the Stinkasand)

May benefit in cases of offensive purulent discharges often related to decay in the nasal structures including bones and turbinates.
Asclepias tuberosa, 4x
(Plurisy Root)

May aid where there are sticky yellow discharges especially where there is itching and snuffles in the young.
Aurum metallicum, 30c & 200c
(Gold metal)

May aid in cases of red swollen noses often accompanied by a horribly offensive purulent discharge often bloody with ulceration.
Berberis vulgaris, 4x

May benefit where there is a discharge ranging in color from whitish through yellowish to greenish especially in the morning with occasional drops of blood.
Calcarea carbonica, 30c
(Calcium Carbonate)

May aid where change of weather or cold lead to bland discharges often profuse and yellow often in plump patients.
Calcarea fluorata, 12x
(Calcium Fluoride)

May aid Atrophic Rhinitis type with thick green offensive discharger with breakdown of bones but can be as mild as teething with deformity.
Calcarea phosphorica, 30c
(Calcium Phosphate)

May be of benefit especially where the tip of the nose is very cold, ulceration of nose, nosebleed dripping outside stuffed up in room.
Calcarea sulphurica, 30 & 200c
(Calcium Sulphate)

May benefit where there is a thick yellow nose discharge often blood tinged with sneezing often better in cold air.
Chamomilla, 30c
(German Chamomile)

May aid discharges with irritability during teething or when angry and upset such as can occur with excessive noise in some.
Chininum arsenicosum, 6c
(Quinine Arsenite)

May aid profuse nasal discharge varying from watery and burning the skin to thick yellow discharges that actually block the nose especially the left side.
Echinacea angustifolia, 4x
(Purple Cone-flower)

May boost the immune system especially where there is foul smelling bloody discharges. May help stuffed up sinuses with post nasal drip.
Euphrasia officinalis, 4x

The common name eye bright is indicative of this remedy’s application, May help benefit in allergic nose problems like hay fever thin discharge scalds the skin around nose.
Ferrum phosphoricum, 12x
(Iron Phosphate)

May benefit catarrhal discharge from nasal cavity and sinuses, Nosebleeds. This tissue salt can be of benefit in first stage inflammation in general.
Gelsemium sempervirens, 6c
(Yellow Jasmine)

May benefit pets looking like the classic human flu with weak, sleepy look droopy eyelids, third eye lids up and a fluid nose discharge.
Hekla lava, 12x
(Volcanic Ash from Mount Hecla)

May benefit patients with sinus problems related to destructive bone disease.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 6, 30, 200c
(Calcium Sulphide)

May help in sinus issues from simple hay fever to thick creamy offensive discharges often described as having an odour like smelly old cheese.
Hydrastis canadensis, 5x, 30c
(Golden Seal)

Antiseptic like Berberis its active is Berberine. May help in thick yellow green discharges often described as elastic discharges complements Kali bich.
Kali bichromicum, 6c & 30c
(Potassium Bichromate)

May ease thick, sticky, ropy, stringy, tough, yellow, green mucus discharges. The mucus adheres to the part and can be drawn out in strings.
Kali muriaticum, 4x & 30c
(Potassium Chloride)

May ease thick white pussy discharges often with similar blockage of the middle ear leading to pawing at the head with no ear symptoms.
Kali sulphuricum, 4x & 30c
(Potassium Sulphate)

Lachesis muta, 200c
(Bushmaster snake)

May aid in easing nosebleed often ranging from red to thick black offensive smelling possibly pussy discharge in patients with aversion to touch.
Lycopodium clavatum, 30c
(Club Moss)

May ease stopped up nose with crusts and thick discharges where the edge of the nose flares with each breath especially in those with flatulence.
Mercurius solubilis, 6c, 30c, 200c

May benefit where there is a green or greenish offensive discharge with crusting and ulceration of nose and mouth often with drooling of saliva.
Mercurius sulphuratus ruber, 12x

May benefit right side nose discharges often similar to those of Merc viv.
Natrum muriaticum, 4x & 6c
(Common Salt)

Symptoms similar to those around teething blocked ears runny nose from liquid to thick discharge.
Natrum sulphuricum, 6c
(Sodium Sulphate)

Atrophic Rhinitis type with thick green offensive discharger with breakdown of bones but can be as mild as teething with deformity.
Nitricum acidum, 12x
(Nitric Acid)

May benefit where there is dry, hard crust on the nose that bleeds when peeled off often with obstruction of nasal passages.
Phosphorus, 30c

May aid where there is bleeding associated with nose conditions and where there are hay fever type symptoms or conditions involving bones of nose.
Pulsatilla nigricans, 6c & 30c
(Wind Flower)

May benefit where there are bland discharges ranging from creamy to yellowish green often with stoppage of the nose with sneezing.
Pyrogenium, 1M
(Retired Bovine)

May aid where fan like motion of nose like Lycopodium and Phosphorus but often associated with a septic type state requiring conventional attention.
Rhus toxicodendron, 30c
(Poison Oak)

May benefit where there is swelling of nose often with sneezing and thick yellow mucous, green offensive pus like discharge.
Sabadilla officinalis, 4x
(Cevadilla Seed)

May assist where sneezing watery discharge much as in hay fever or allergy are present often triggered by odours or where nose itches.
Sambucus nigra, 4x

May benefit dry coryza with snuffles in the young. Itching with obstruction of nose with accumulation of thick and viscid mucus in nostrils.
Silicea, 6c, 30c, 200c
(Pure Flint)

May benefit chronic nose conditions especially in the weak with ill thrift burning nose discharge or obstructed cracked nostrils ulcers or decay.
Sinusitisinum, 30c & 200c
(Sinus Nosode)

May benefit patients with sinus problems in general especially persistent nose related problems.
Spigelia anthelmintica, 6c

May help where the is chronic inflammation especially of the rear cavities often with a post nasal drip seen as constant swallowing.
Sulphur, 6c

May aid with inflamed nose with chronic dry scabs readily bleeding much like eczema often with nose bleeds and blackheads around nose.
Symphytum officinale, 6x

May aid in healing fractured or injured nose bones. Pain or bone bruising.
Teucrium marum, 6c

May benefit where these is coryza with stoppage of nostrils. Catarrhal condition of both anterior and posterior nostrils. Mucus polyps. Plugs in nose.
Thuja occidentalis, 30c
(Arbor vitae)

May aid in Painful scabs in nostrils. Bloody scabs or briny odour in nose, dryness or chronic sinus Infection catarrh, thick, yellow-green mucus, blood and pus especially in patients with warts.