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Bag Balm Tins, 1 oz & 8 oz


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Bag Balm Tins

Why is there a cow on the lid?

Bag Balm is the original “udder balm.” It was created back in 1899 to help moisturize and soothe cows’ udders that would become chapped in Vermont’s harsh, Northeast Kingdom winters.

Is it safe to use it on my dog?

We’ve heard from hundreds of people who have used Bag Balm to combat calluses, dry/cracked paws and rawness that can be caused by winter (and/or a harsh summer). People have even used it on dry noses and hot spots with good results. It’s best if your pet doesn’t ingest large amounts of Bag Balm.

Is it safe to use on my face?

Great for Humans! Used frequently and light, to moisturize​ chapped lips, cuticles and cracked skin.

Yes, Bag Balm was originally created in 1899 for use on dairy farms during the harsh winters in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, and has been used in households ever since.
How do I use it?

A small amount goes a long way! Start with a pea-sized amount and massage into dry skin. Some people use more overnight, and less on their lips. A very common use is to apply Bag Balm to dry, cracked feet and wear socks overnight.
What’s it made of?

Bag Balm is made from just four simple ingredients, uniquely combined to provide its intensely moisturizing results:

8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate
Paraffin wax

As the ingredients in Bag Balm age, the product can darken to a slight caramel/brown color. This is a natural occurrence and is not cause for alarm. It is still safe to use and remains effective. It's best to store Bag Balm in a cool, dry place.