Pet Resolutions: 5 Ways to be a Better Pet Parent

2017 is a new year full of opportunities to make changes to your lifestyle. This year, make it a point to change your pet’s lifestyle too! Man’s best friend can use a little extra attention every once in a while, and here are five ways to make your pet’s life just that much better.

1. More walks please!

Not only can it be your resolution to get those steps in, but make it your pet’s goal too. A stagnant pet can lead to them getting out of shape, but also it can lead to boredom, a lack of discipline, and for your dog to be socially uncomfortable. Walking your dog can help them learn to socialize with other pets and learn the discipline you want them to have all while losing those pounds they gained from those holiday leftovers you snuck under the table.

2. New Year, new treats!

Switch things up a little in 2017 and keep things interesting in your pet’s life.

We know you’re used to your tried and tried treat, but give your pet something   new to try! Greenies Dental Chews are tasty and healthy with their added sources of antioxidants and dietary fiber.  Or give your cat a taste of the wild side with Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats.

3. Give them a new winter coat

Well, maybe not a snow jacket, but make them feel shiny and new in their own coat! At all seven Pet Station locations, we offer a self-service dog wash where we supply you with everything you need, and you avoid the cold outdoors. All you need to do is bring in your furry friend give them a rinse; you’ll see them walking with their wet little noses perked a little higher and proud of their shiny coat.

4. Checkups

Don’t wait until they’re sick; be proactive in your pet’s wellness. Not many people know that your pets should visit the vet twice a year for a checkup! While the number of checkups may vary based on your pet’s age, checkups help detect illnesses or issues with your dog’s health before anything drastic happens! Not only will the vet look for internal issues, like heart and dental         health, but also they will perform a physical and make sure they are in tip-top shape for all those walks you will be going on! Once a month we hold pet clinics at our Truckee, South Lake, Incline, Gardnerville, and Sparks locations to make sure your pet is happy and healthy!

5. Give your pet a PAL

Pets are not only man’s best friend, but they also can be your pet’s best friend! Studies have shown that both humans and animals alike can benefit from the company of other pets in so many different ways. This year, adopt another furry friend to your family and watch yours, and your pet’s, life change. PAL (Pets Add Life) is a great resource to find pets to adopt and add life to your home!