Cannabis Treats

Cannabis treats for your dog…. who knew? After learning about this phenomenon, we looked into it and were impressed with Treatibles’ Hemp Wellness Chews for dogs. This company is completely transparent with their ingredients and the benefits of cannabis in your dog’s diet.

No, your dog won’t be getting high off of these small treats. In fact, there is a big difference between hemp and marijuana. The THC in marijuana is what is toxic for your pup, but THC is not found in Hemp. Treatibles’ non-psychoactive ingredients increase your dog’s level of cannabinoids, and they attach to receptors and never let go, ultimately giving your dog a healthier mind and body. The affects of these cannabinoids detaching from the receptors are disease, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, and more. Research shows that hemp reduces that risk.

How much you give to your dog is based on their weight. Treatibles suggests administering 1 mg per for every 10 lbs. your dog weighs. The small bags have 36 treats at 1 mg each while the large bags have 24 treats at 2.5mg each. When making the decision to buy these beneficial treats for your pup, be sure to consider the weight of your dog and the size of your bag.

Treatibles come in blueberry and pumpkin flavors or in capsules that you can mix in with their food! Read more on Treatibles and why they are good for your dog on their site and be sure to stop by your local Pet Station to try out these new and natural treats.