Winter Dog Booties

You have snow boots, but does your pet?  We think it just isn’t fair that your pet has to bare the cold on their own! Your pet’s paws may be padded, but the winter season can expose them to extreme colds which may dry and crack, or even cause frostbite! Dog boots make it comfortable and safe for your pups to be outside during the winter months.

While there are myriads of types and brands of dog booties, we carry Ruffwear dog boots. Ruffwear dog boots provide the perfect paw protection for pups that love adventure as much as we do. Ruffwear offers six different types of booties, all suited to differing types of weather and activities. For the wintertime, the Polar Trex booties offer winter traction and insulation. Using Grip Trex technology, there is no slipping or sliding in the snow. The insulated fabric keeps out the cold keeping your dog comfy and cozy.

The Single Summit Trex boots provide protection from extremely cold temperatures, salt, and snow-melting chemicals. The flexible design allows your pups to freely play, while locking out snow and debris so the winter wonderland doesn’t become uncomfortable.  

The real question is, are these boots comfortable? Boots that are too big can rub on their paws and wear them down. Well, we know not all dogs are made the same, so Ruffwear has a video on how to measure your dog’s paw size, and a size chart for you so that you can choose the right size boot.

Visit one of our locations to get your pup fitted for the winter and take on that fresh pow together!